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De-risk product development
Don’t go implement something nobody wants

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Enable your team to...

Make data-driven decisions

Don't trust the loudest voice in the room to decide the future of your company.

Move fast

Customer feedback is needed while you're making decisions. Not after. Get answers in hours, not months.

Do continuous discovery

Getting customer feedback every week is impossible without product experiments..

Validate ideas

Test what works before writing a single line of code.

Prototype without building

Designed to make clever prototyping effortless. Join the no-code revolution.

Build a shared vocabulary

Let your team easily communicate in the language of product experimentation

Viki Kavallari

"Bought these great cards a while ago. They are excellent to improve skills of the overall team and helped us to speak the same language!"

Viki Kavallari
Senior Product Designer, Klarna


The design of the Validation Patterns card deck
  • Clear language

    Understanding what constitutes good research quality and evidence strength is complicated and hard.

    The academic complexities of what constitutes good research have been transformed into understandable, concise, and digestible product experiments that has proven to work time and time again.

  • Supercharge your ideas

    Learn how to both validate and build on your ideas with strong customer insights by exploring connected product experiments.

  • Memorable illustrations

    Custom hand-drawn illustrations by artist Annesofie Sandal provide visual metaphors to aid learning and recall.

Don't go implement
something nobody wants

Too many digital products are launched, only to fail.

Problem Validation


Is the problem worth solving?

If users don't think your problem is a major one, your solution likely won't be appealing.

Market Validation


Enough to form a market?

Some users might agree that your problem is worth solving, but are there enough of them to make up a market for your product?

Product Validation


Does your product solve the problem?

The problem might exist, but does your product actually solve it?

Willingness to Pay


Show me the money!

Will people actually be willing to reach into their wallets and pay for it?

Product experiment to suited for Problem Validation
Product experiment to suited for Market Validation
Product experiment to suited for Product Validation
Product experiment to suited for Willingness to Pay

De-risk product decisions

Let solid evidence guide your roadmap

The Validation Pattern card deck in a workshop setting

Product & Design

  • De-risk success

    Avoid humiliating launches by making sure there is an actual demand for what you are building.

  • Create your own data

    Questions before data. Create the data you need to answer your existing questions rather than starting by looking at existing data to see what questions you can answer.

  • Results in hours, not months

    Create product experiments to produce useful research evidence measured in hours and days rather than weeks and months.

The Validation Pattern card deck in a workshop setting


  • Drive conversions

    Learn exactly what triggers a purchase rather than blinding yourself with overwhelming analytics.

  • Test before spending

    Test your value propositions before running ads with them to ensure a message match between the service you are offering and what your customers need.

  • Test comprehension

    Make sure your target segments actually understand what your proposition.

Validating your strategic portfolio requires a metered funding approach, aligning your investment and funding with your evidence strength.

Strategy & Planning

  • Sharpen your portfolio and backlog

    Only work on projects and features that matters, delivers results, and is proven to have impact.

  • Data-informed decisions

    Don’t only trust your gut feeling. Rely on real data to move your organization forward.

  • Continuous Discovery

    Experimentation is hard to get started. Validation Patterns makes it practical and easy to get started.

Too many digital products
are launched, only to fail

By persistently validating your riskiest
assumptions, you can eliminate the
most common problem of product
development and avoid spending
time and money building something
nobody wants.

Trent Robertson

"I have used these cards on many heuristic review projects. Design work too. It's great to have a system to flip through. The production quality is very high - the price probably isn't considered to be low. But they are worth it. I hope there are more in the making."

Trent Robertson
Design Strategist, Ruby Red Frog
Christoffer Hauthorn

"Only looked through a few of the cards [...], but already got ideas for ways to improve our user research and testing process"

Christoffer Hauthorn
Head of Product, Emplate
The Validation Pattern card deck seen from above

Evergreen content

The product experiments found in the deck have stood the test of time and proven to work well time and time again by product builders at companies like Spotify,, Facebook, Amazon, and Google and recommended by top universities like Havard, MIT, and Stanford.

The Validation Pattern card deck seen from the side

Tangibly big

The Validation Patterns card deck is designed to let its physical qualities reflect the weight of its content. It's heavy. It's intentionally big in your hand. It's smooth to touch and easy on your eyes.

In the age of remote, we believe in the power of physical.

Move fast with confidence

With the Validation Patterns in hand, you can stop winging it and start bringing real evidence to the table.

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