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Experiment to innovate

Validation patterns is a collection of 60 of the most common lean product experiments regularly used by product builders at companies like Spotify,, Facebook, Amazon, and Google and recommended by top universities like Havard, MIT, and Stanford.

They are all designed as safe-to-fail experiments that will help you validate your most riskiest assumptions. They will let you start focusing on building the right product, from the start.


We expect to ship the card deck in January 2018
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Too many digital products are launched, only to fail.

Stop building products only to find out users wanted something else. All too late.

Lean validation can close the gap. By persistently validating your most riskiest assumptions, you can avoid the most common problem of product development: spending time and money building something nobody wants.

Our card decks are used by the worlds most respected brands


Failure is an opportunity: use it.

An experiment doesn’t fail. But your hypothesis can be proven wrong. Moving to an experimentation mindset will turn your world upside down. Instead of arguing why you should try something, experiments will make you argue why you shouldn’t.

Experimentation sets ideas free and help scope them in a way that doesn’t cost a fortune and doesn’t end the world if they don’t work out as intended.

Validation Patterns is a collection of cleverly thought out experiments that can validate your business idea, new feature, or even your customers’ willingness to pay. Learn how to construct experiments that will show you whether you’re on the right path, fast.

Your pre-order includes free economy shipping (no tracking).
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Cards included

Fake-door testing, Picnic in the Graveyard, Trends and keyword analysis, Wizard of Oz, Run test ads, A/B testing, Collect pre-orders, Fly on the wall, Historical analysis, Thinking aloud, Paper prototyping, Clickable prototype, Working prototype, Role-playing, Surveys & questionnaires, Try it yourself, Focus group, A day in the life, Mystery shopper, Competitive product survey, Crowdfunding, Crowdsourcing, Qualitative interviews and contextual inquiry, Guerilla user testing, Landing page validation, Sales pitch, Concierge, Classified posting, Beta launch, Video demo, Find the watering hole, Move in with the customer, [Your competion] sucks, Sell the future, Cold calling, Find five people who are in, Remote User Testing, Blog publicly about what you’re doing, Event or Talk, Family Tree, Single feature MVP, Piecemeal MVP, Read app reviews, Customer service logs, Industry Forums, Boomerang, Analog/Physical, Dry-Wallet, High Hurdle, Contract, Mechanical Turk, Usertest competing products, Feature Stub, Micro surveys, Product/Market fit survey

Cards are subject to change – we are still testing the right combination