Validation Patterns Poster

Get the Validation Patterns as a huge poster you can hang in your office. The poster provides a beautiful overview of all 60 validation patterns at once. It serves as a great reference tool to grasp all patterns as one and will aid your team in building a shared design vocabulary, fast.

Whether you are methodically studying the poster alone, using it as a reference guide in brainstorm groups, or just letting it passively infuse knowledge into your brain by letting it hang in your meeting room, it comes with an inspiration guarantee.

Beautiful execution
Each pattern features delightful and custom illustrations from artist Annesofie Sandal.

Technicals specifications:
Printed on 24 x 36 inch (approx 61 x 91 cm) Museum-quality poster printed on thick, durable, matte paper.

Do you want your poster framed, then you can choose this below, for only $50.
Our frames are 1″ thick wood and made in the USA. Clear acrylic covers the poster.


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What are Validation Patterns

Validation patterns is a collection of 60 of the most common lean product experiments regularly used by product builders at companies like Spotify,, Facebook, Amazon, and Google and recommended by top universities like Havard, MIT, and Stanford.

They are all designed as safe-to-fail experiments that will help you validate your most riskiest assumptions. They will let you start focusing on building the right product, from the start.

Too many digital products are launched, only to fail.

Stop building products only to find out users wanted something else. All too late.

Lean validation can close the gap. By persistently validating your most riskiest assumptions,
you can avoid the most common problem of product development: spending time and money building something nobody wants.

Cards included

Fake-door testing, Trends and keyword analysis, Wizard of Oz, A/B testing, Collect pre-orders, Crowdfunding, Crowdsourcing, Video demo, Mashup, Concierge, Paper prototype, Clickable prototype, Working prototype, Lego Prototype, Run test ads, Classified posting, Sell the future, Beta launch, Find the watering hole, Guerilla user testing, Remote User Testing, Try it yourself, Move in with the customer, Five people who are in, Cold calling, Read app reviews, Customer service logs, Industry forums, Contract, Family Tree, Physical before digital, Multivariate testing, Impersonator, Dry-wallet, High hurdle, Feature stub, Spoof landing pages, Blog, Conjoint Analysis, Five second test, First click testing, One night stand, Provencial, Pretend to own, Comprehension test, Micro surveys, Contextual inquiry, Minimum Marketable Product, Write down your concept, Data mining, Takeaway test, Event, Offer a sample, Single-feature product, Pinocchio, Sales pitch (!), Focus group (!), Product/Market fit survey (!), Net promoter score (!) and Quantitative surveys (!).