Validation Patterns card deck

De-risk product development

Don’t go implement something nobody wants

Validation patterns is a collection of 60 of the most common lean product experiments regularly used by product builders at companies like Spotify,, Facebook, Amazon, and Google and recommended by top universities like Havard, MIT, and Stanford.

They are all designed as safe-to-fail experiments that will help you validate your riskiest assumptions. They will let you start focusing on building the right product, from the start.


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Too many digital products are launched, only to fail.

Stop building products only to find out users wanted something else. All too late.

Lean validation can close the gap. By persistently validating your riskiest assumptions,
you can avoid the most common problem of product development: spending time and money building something nobody wants.

what's in the box - Validation Patterns

De-risk product development

Don’t go implement something nobody wants

Product & Design

De-risk success
Avoid humiliating launches by making sure there is an actual demand for what you are building.

Questions before data
Start with the questions you have and then see what data you can create to provide meaningful answers.

Results in hours, not months
Create product experiments to produce useful research evidence measured in hours and days rather than weeks and months.


Drive conversions
Learn exactly what triggers a purchase rather than blinding yourself with overwhelming analytics.

Test value propositions
Ensure a message match between the service you are offering and what your customers need.

Test comprehension
Make sure your target segments actually understand what your proposition.

Strategy & Planning

Sharpen your portfolio and backlog
Only work on projects and features that matters, delivers results, and is proven to have impact.

Data-informed decisions
Don’t only trust your gut feeling. Rely on real data to move your organization forward.

Continuous Discovery
Experimentation is hard to get started. Validation Patterns makes it practical and easy to get started.

Our products are used by the world's leading product designers

McKinsey & Company

Validate ideas before implementing them

Use these clever product experiments to test what works before writing a single line of code

Problem validation
Is your problem worth solving?

Market validation
Are there enough users to make up a market for your product?

Product validation
Does your product solve the problem?

Validating willingness to Pay
Will people actually be willing to reach into their wallets and pay for it?

Make product experimentation easy

Validation Patterns are designed to make clever prototyping effortless

Practical & portable
Holds the knowledge of a thousand research papers

A shared vocabulary
Educate and inspire your team to start experimenting and build a shared design vocabulary

Useful & applicable
Experimentation becomes so easy forget you’re doing something hard.

EU orders ship from Latvia, EU. All other orders ship from the USA.
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Cards included

Fake-door testing, Trends and keyword analysis, Wizard of Oz, A/B testing, Collect pre-orders, Crowdfunding, Crowdsourcing, Video demo, Mashup, Concierge, Paper prototype, Clickable prototype, Working prototype, Lego Prototype, Run test ads, Classified posting, Sell the future, Beta launch, Find the watering hole, Guerilla user testing, Remote User Testing, Try it yourself, Move in with the customer, Five people who are in, Cold calling, Read app reviews, Customer service logs, Industry forums, Contract, Family Tree, Physical before digital, Multivariate testing, Impersonator, Dry-wallet, High hurdle, Feature stub, Spoof landing pages, Blog, Conjoint Analysis, Five second test, First click testing, One night stand, Provencial, Pretend to own, Comprehension test, Micro surveys, Contextual inquiry, Minimum Marketable Product, Write down your concept, Data mining, Takeaway test, Event, Offer a sample, Single-feature product, Pinocchio, Sales pitch (!), Focus group (!), Product/Market fit survey (!), Net promoter score (!), Quantitative surveys (!).

The rumor on the street

EU orders ship from Latvia, EU. All other orders ship from the USA.
Orders outside USA and EU may be subject to custom duties. Please factor this into your total costs.