UI Patterns card deck

Design better products, faster

User Interface Design patterns are recurring solutions that solve common design problems. Design patterns are standard reference points for the experienced user interface designer.

The UI Pattern card deck is a printed card deck of 60 User Interface Design Patterns, presented in a manner easily referenced and used as a brainstorming tool. Each card describes one design pattern and suggests ways to apply it to the design of online products.


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Design better products, faster

Recurring solutions that solve common design problems

what's in the box - UI Patterns

Product & Design

Standard reference points
UI Patterns are empirically proven solutions deemed so effective that more and more started using them – until they became the de facto standard.

Build a shared language
End feature debates by building a shared design language.

Lower friction
Reduce the cognitive load of users by not imposing them new interface systems to learn.


Nothing is lost in translation
By agreeing best practice solutions you are implementing common and well documented and understood solutions.

Agree on the best solutions User Interface Patterns is a collection of the best practice solutions that solve common design problems.

Strategy & Planning

Critical design choices Build a clear understanding of why you’re doing what you’re doing, and why you’re not doing what you’re not doing.

Save time & money
You save time by not reinventing the wheel.

De-risk implementation
UI Patterns became recurring solutions as they through the test of time proved to be the best solution for the problem they solve.

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Don’t make users think

Use UI Patterns to lower friction and reduce the cognitive load

How to use the cards

There is no right way to use the cards,
however I have found them especially useful in various combinations.

Recipe #1: What do we need?

Before you begin designing your new product, go through all cards and select appropriate design patterns for your forthcoming design endeavour. Although simple and undirected, this approach will most likely spur new ideas and broaden your design vocabulary.

Recipe #2: Did we forget anything?

Design patterns seldom work alone. Examine the “See also” section to find related patterns that either complement or contrast a pattern.

Recipe #3: Is there another way?

Some design patterns work in opposite pairs and thus represent clear design choice alternatives. Examine the “In contrast to” section to help examine whether you are on the right path.

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Cards included

Forgiving Format, Fill in the Blanks, Structured Format, Good Defaults, Preview, Drag & Drop, Flagging & Reporting, Keyboard Shortcuts, Expandable Input, Undo, Inplace Editor, Autocomplete, Autosave, Settings, Paywall, Blank Slate, Guided tour, Playthrough, Inline Hints, Coachmarks, Walkthrough, Account Registration, Lazy Registration, Progressive Disclosure, Cards, Notifications, Modal, Morphing Controls, Dashboard, FAQ, Wizard, Steps Left, Completeness Meter, Event Calendar, Tagging, Categorization, Testimonials, Favorites, Rate Content, Vote to Promote, Pay to Promote, Collectible Achievements, Leaderboard, Breadcrumbs, Fat Footer, Continuous Scrolling, Pagination, Reaction, Follow, Friend, Invite Friends, Chat, Activity Stream, and Search Filters.

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EU orders ship from Latvia, EU. All other orders ship from the USA.
Orders outside USA and EU may be subject to custom duties. Please factor this into your total costs.