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The Persuasive Workshop Playbook
Run and design your own behavioral workshops

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Inside the

Persuasive Workshop Playbook

Inside these pages you will uncover:

Step-by-step behavioral workshops explained so that you can run them with your team and infuse design psychology into your product.

Facilitation techniques to align any team and generate more better ideas through inclusion and diversity.

Learn to design your own workshop to achieve any objective, using the Workshop Design System.

Spark creative solutions and make impactful decisions using insights from psychology.

How you can position yourself as a leader and expert of behavioral innovation within your organization and with clients by running workshops.

An undestanding of not just what users say or do, but what blocks- or enables users from reaching their goals.

Enable your team to...

Solve problems with psychology

Address challenging design problems by applying behavioral lenses, changin user behaviors and habits.

Design for the human mind

Generate products and experiences that resonate with users by understanding and catering to their psychological needs and preferences.

Design ethically

Incorporate ethical considerations into the design process and team to ensure solutions are user-friendly and responsible.

Enhance decision-making

Make informed decisions by evaluating ideas and interventions through a behavioral perspective.

A framework for running
behavioral workshops

In-Depth Framework

Use the Persuasive Workshopper Framework to design your own workshops

Ethical Guidelines & Exercises

Navigate the ethical considerations of persuasive design to maintain trust and integrity in your work and run the ethical reflection workshop with your own team.

Workshop Recipes

Or use tried-and-tested workshop recipes tailored for various objectives, from intervention design to habit formation and change.

Integrated with the Persuasive Patterns card deck

The book is intended to be used in tandem with the Persuasive Patterns Card Deck, which enriches the workshop exercises with a plethora of cognitive biases, psychological effects, and persuasive techniques.

Workshop Exercises

Explore a library of behaviorally focused workshop exercises that can be creatively combined to design novel and impactful workshops.

The perfect companion

This book is a powerful add-on to the Persuasive Patterns card deck,
providing you with the know-how to implement behavioral design in a workshop setting.

Become a

Persuasive Workshopper

Transform your workshops with the power of behavioral design. This book will equip you with the tools and knowledge to integrate persuasive patterns into your workshops, creating engaging and effective user experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you do discounts for educational institutions, students, or non profits?

    We do! Get in touch at with your credentials (non-profit status or student ID) and we will arrange a discount for you.

  • Who is this book for?

    This book is intended for workshop facilitators, UX designers, product managers, and anyone interested in applying behavioral design to create impactful user experiences through workshops.

  • Do I need any prior experience with workshops to use this book?

    While prior experience with workshops can be beneficial, this book provides the necessary guidance and tools for both novices and experienced facilitators to design and run successful behavioral design workshops.

  • Is this book suitable for beginners?

    Yes – that too. It is designed to guide facilitators at all levels to host effective behavioral problem-solving workshops.

  • Do I need the Persuasive Patterns card deck to use this book?

    While the book stands alone as a valuable resource, having the card deck will enhance your workshop experience.

  • Can this book be used for remote workshops?

    Yes, the principles and exercises outlined in the book can be adapted for remote workshops, making it a versatile resource for both in-person and virtual settings.

  • How will this book help me in my role?

    This book will enhance your skills in facilitating workshops that are structured, engaging, and focused on achieving behavioral outcomes. It will help you craft workshops that lead to actionable insights and prototypes, fostering innovation and alignment within teams.

  • When do I receive my digital copy?

    A protected link to the digital copy is emailed to you immediately after your checkout.

  • What format will my digital copy be in?

    The digital copy of the book is a PDF book.

  • Can you send an invoice?

    Of course. We will automatically email you an invoice after making a purchase. Watch your spam folder as the PDF file attached have a tendency to get stuck there.