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Persuasive Patterns Poster

On popular demand, we’re now printing the Persuasive Patterns collection as a huge poster you can hang in your office. The poster provides a beautiful overview of all 60 persuasive patterns at once. It serves as a great reference tool to grasp all patterns as one and will aid your team in building a shared design vocabulary, fast.

Whether you are methodically studying the poster alone, using it as a reference guide in brainstorm groups, or just letting it passively infuse knowledge into your brain by letting it hang in your meeting room, it comes with an inspiration guarantee.

Beautiful execution
Each pattern features delightful and custom illustrations from artist Annesofie Sandal.

Technicals specifications:
Printed on 24 x 36 inch (approx 61 x 91 cm) Museum-quality poster printed on thick, durable, matte paper.

Do you want your poster framed, then you can choose this below, for only $50.
Our frames are 1″ thick wood and made in the USA. Clear acrylic covers the poster.



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What are Persuasive Patterns

The Persuasive Patterns is a collection of 60 quick insights into psychology, presented in a manner easily referenced and used as a brainstorming tool. They were originally printed as a card deck, but are now available as a poster.

With a focus on human behavior, each card describes one psychological insight and suggests ways in which you can apply it to your product.

Use the patterns as a fun and easy way to learn about complicated psychological concepts. Just browsing through the cards and reading through each card will most likely give you new ideas.

A great learning tool

The Persuasive Pattern card deck is a fun and easy way to learn about complicated psychological concepts.

Just browsing through the deck and reading through each card will most likely give you new ideas.

Cards included

Social Proof, Authority, Reciprocation, Revenge, Commitment & Consistency, Liking, Positive Mimicry, Cognitive Dissonance, Reputation, Nostalgia Effect, Loss Aversion, Endowment Effect, Status-Quo Bias, Scarcity, Optimism Bias, Need for Closure, Set Completion, Curiosity, Role Playing, Competition, Isolation Effect, Tunneling, Reduction, Anchoring, Conceptual Metaphor, Recognition over Recall, Pattern Recognition, Limited Choice, Serial Positioning Effect, Chunking, Sequencing, Framing, Value Attribution, Feedback Loops, Kairos, Trigger, Simulation, Tailoring, Self-Monitoring, Periodic Events, Appropriate Challenges, Storytelling, Intentional Gaps, Rewards, Peak-End Rule, Completion, Powers, Prolonged Play, Unlock Features, Status, Levels, Self-Expression, Achievements, and Delighters.

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