Persuasive Patterns card deck

Add psychology to your web design

The Persuasive Patterns Card Deck is a collection of 60 design patterns driven by psychology, presented in a manner easily referenced and used as a brainstorming tool.

With a focus on human behavior, each card describes one psychological insight and suggests ways in which you can apply it to your product.


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What’s new in the 2nd edition?

Revised content
All cards have been revised to provide more actionable insights based on intensive use by key customers.

New cards
6 new cards have been added – concepts that time and time again proved missing.

Improved instructions
The accompanying pamphlet is more elaborate and is now more focused on getting you up and running fast.

Corrected illustrations
The deck features the same gorgeous illustrations by artist Annesofie Sandal, but have been adjust to look even more sharp.

Redesigned box
We learned from wear and tear and redesigned the branded box with an anti-scratch surface and added beautiful printed graphics.

Tried and tested
Tested since August 2015, they have proved an invaluable resource for research based insights into what makes us act. In its revised version, they are even better.

the Persuasive Patterns card deck is used by the worlds most respected brands


Indispensable knowledge for product designers

Whether you are an entrepreneur, designer, growth hacker, user researcher, product manager, or boss, the Persuasive Patterns card deck is relevant if:

You want to strengthen your skills in product psychology.

You are starting up a new project in your company or are taking over a new area of responsibility.

You want to try a proven and practical way to add psychology to your design process.

Generate ideas, faster

The cards are designed to help generate ideas for new products, features, or creative solutions to design problems.
There is no right way to use them, however they have been found especially useful for a series of purposes.

Landing page and conversion optimization
You will find several easily implementable strategies for landing page and conversion optimization. Learn how to use Social Proof, Authority, Liking, Cognitive Dissonance, Commitment & Consistency, Scarcity, and Tunneling, among a few, to get more users to sign up and sell more products.

Onboarding and first-time use
Learn how to guide users to explore all your product has to offer and trigger them to invest their time into your product by using Appropriate Challenges, Endowment Effect, Rewards, and Achievements so they aren’t left stranded. Go easy on their mind by using Chunking, Sequencing, Framing, and Recognition over Recall. Let users keep momentum as their gauge their progress through Levels, Completion, and their Status.

Ongoing engagement
Keep users engaged with game mechanics such as Powers, Prolonged Play, Unlocking Features, Levels, and Achievements. Help build up intrinsic motivation through Reputation, Status, Curiosity, Optimism Bias, Autonomy, Self-Expression, and Delighters.

Attitude, behavior, and habit change
Design your feedback and timing to create hooks that form habits as customers form associations sparking unprompted engagement. You will love to start designing for Feedback Loops, Kairos, Triggers, Simulation, Tailoring, Self-Monitoring, and Periodic Events to  pin point when and how to form habit-forming hooks.

Experimental learning
Persuasive Patterns represent the best available research evidence on product psychology. Use them as a source of inspiration to generate and formulate ideas for A/B tests.

Writing great micro-copy
The same argument can be framed several different ways with huge differences to follow. The Persuasive Patterns will help you think up new and persuasive ways to frame your proposition.

For international orders (outside the USA): Your package may be subject to the customs fees and import duties of the country to which you have your order shipped. Please factor this into your total costs.

Cards included

Social Proof, Authority, Reciprocation, Revenge, Commitment & Consistency, Liking, Positive Mimicry, Cognitive Dissonance, Reputation, Nostalgia Effect, Loss Aversion, Endowment Effect, Status-Quo Bias, Scarcity, Optimism Bias, Need for Closure, Set Completion, Curiosity, Role Playing, Competition, Isolation Effect, Tunneling, Reduction, Anchoring, Conceptual Metaphor, Recognition over Recall, Pattern Recognition, Limited Choice, Serial Positioning Effect, Chunking, Sequencing, Framing, Value Attribution, Feedback Loops, Kairos, Trigger, Simulation, Tailoring, Self-Monitoring, Periodic Events, Appropriate Challenges, Storytelling, Intentional Gaps, Rewards, Peak-End Rule, Completion, Powers, Prolonged Play, Unlock Features, Status, Levels, Self-Expression, Achievements, and Delighters

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The Persuasive Pattern card deck has continuously been refined through a series of workshops.

The rumor on the street

“I redesigned a sign up-form for a client using the Tunneling and Sequencing patterns. We did an A/B-test and the conversion rate improved by stunning 37%.”

“People are getting enthusiastic, you get their attention immediately and they are actively involved in sorting out how to apply a certain pattern.”

“The cards were a valuable and useful brainstorming tool that allowed us to come up with a broad spectrum of ideas on how to give people incentive to act the way you hope for.”

For international orders (outside the USA): Your package may be subject to the customs fees and import duties of the country to which you have your order shipped. Please factor this into your total costs.