Persuasive Patterns card deck

Bite-size psychological insights

60 design patterns driven by psychology, presented in a manner easily referenced and used as a brainstorming tool.

2nd revision.


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Design with purpose and intent

Product & Design

Design by behavior
Narrow down key behaviors to drive your design sprints

Remove friction
Learn how we think to make decision-making effortless for users

Motivate users toward action
Create more engaging, meaningful, persuasive and successful experiences


Drive emotional decisions
Tap into your user’s hopes, fears, and aspirations to tip decisions to your favor

Increase conversions
Leverage psychological insights to increase sales

Create conversion paths
Pair psychological nuggets to create persuasive recipes to skyrocket your growth

Strategy & Planning

Create new business models
Discover new ways to deliver and create value

Save time
Complex concepts have been simplified into digestible nuggets to save you time on research

Better outcomes
By understanding how our minds work, your chances of building something users love is increased.

Our products are used by the worlds leading product designers

Created to grow your business

Persuasive Patterns work in the entire funnel

Acquisition & conversion
Attract new customers and increase revenue

Referral & social virality
Use social psychology to make sharing a given

Activation & onboarding
Help users discover value early and keep up their momentum

Stand out from your competition and become loved

Retention & loyalty
Keep users engaged as they progress and make leaving hard

Find the right price, amount of options, and appropriate presentation at the right time

Craft memorable user experiences

Use Persuasive Patterns to create user experiences that leave positive and memorable feelings

Ongoing engagement
Keep users engaged through learning challenges, mastery, and facilitating meaningful outcomes.

Behavior, and habit change
Help users achieve their goals, get rid of bad habits or establish new and better habits.

Product Development
Learn what matters when you create something new.

Cards included

Social Proof, Authority, Reciprocation, Revenge, Commitment & Consistency, Liking, Positive Mimicry, Cognitive Dissonance, Reputation, Nostalgia Effect, Loss Aversion, Endowment Effect, Status-Quo Bias, Scarcity, Optimism Bias, Need for Closure, Set Completion, Curiosity, Role Playing, Competition, Isolation Effect, Tunneling, Reduction, Anchoring, Conceptual Metaphor, Recognition over Recall, Pattern Recognition, Limited Choice, Serial Positioning Effect, Chunking, Sequencing, Framing, Value Attribution, Feedback Loops, Kairos, Trigger, Simulation, Tailoring, Self-Monitoring, Periodic Events, Appropriate Challenges, Storytelling, Intentional Gaps, Rewards, Peak-End Rule, Completion, Powers, Prolonged Play, Unlock Features, Status, Levels, Self-Expression, Achievements, and Delighters

The rumor on the street

Created to make an impact

Practical & portable
Holds the knowledge of a thousand research papers

A shared vocabulary
Educate and inspire your team and build a shared design vocabulary

Useful & applicable
Apply academic research to real world problems with ease

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