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Persuasive Pattern cardsPersuasive Pattern cardsPersuasive Pattern cards

Persuasive Patterns card deck


Persuasive Patterns is 54 insights from psychology, presented in a manner easily referenced and used as a brainstorming tool.

Beautiful execution

Each card features delightful and custom illustrations from artist Annesofie Sandal.
The deck comes packaged in a branded box with a smooth black coating on the outside as well as inside. It’s the perfect presentation box at client meetings.

Technicals specifications:

  • Dimensions: 80 x 140 mm (approx 3.15 x 5.5 inches)
  • Print: full-color offset print on 350g. (approx 236 Ib) silk-paper
    with smooth edges and rounded corners.
  • Cards are printed and packed in Denmark.

The cards ship worldwide.

Limit of max 5 decks per order


International Orders:
Orders are shipped from Copenhagen, Denmark (EU).
Your package may be subject to the customs fees and import duties of the country to which you have your order shipped. Please factor this into your total costs!

The Persuasive Patterns card deck is used by the worlds most respected brands

Add psychology to your web design

The Persuasive Pattern cards distills comprehensive research into human behavior into 54 quick insights.

They are the result of years of writing and teaching about these exact principles.

With a focus on human behavior, each card describe one psychological insight and suggests ways to apply it to your product.

The Persuasive Pattern card deck has continuously been refined through a series of workshops.

The perfect brainstorming tool

The cards were designed help generate ideas for new products, features, or creative solutions to problems.
There is no right way to use them, however I have found them especially useful for a series of purposes.

Landing page and conversion optimization
If your goal is to sign users up, you will find a series of cards especially useful: Social Proof, Authority, Liking, Cognitive Dissonance, Commitment & Consistency, Scarcity, and Tunneling are just a few principles that will rock your boat.

Attitude, behavior, and habit change
Create experience that connect users’ problems to your company’s solution with enough frequency that a habit is formed. Design your feedback and timing to create hooks that form habits as customers form associations sparking unprompted engagement. Cards like Feedback Loops, Kairos, Trigger, Simulation, Tailoring, Self-Monitoring, and Periodic Events will help you pin point when and how to form habit-forming hooks.

Ongoing engagement
Use game mechanics like Completion, Powers,
Prolonged Play, Unlock Features, Status, Levels, Self-Expression,
Achievements, and Delighters to keep users engaged.

Onboarding and first-time use
So you finally got your users to sign up for your product.
Now it’s time to give them a good first-hand experience. Cards like Appropriate Challenges, Endowment Effect, Rewards, Levels, Completion, Achievements, and Recognition over Recall will help drive people toward action, keep momentum, and let users get a grasp of all your product has to offer.

A great learning tool

The Persuasive Pattern card deck is a fun and easy way to learn about complicated psychological concepts.
Just browsing through the deck and reading through each card will most likely give you new ideas.

Cards included

Social Proof, Authority, Reciprocation, Revenge, Commitment & Consistency, Liking, Positive Mimicry, Cognitive Dissonance, Reputation, Nostalgia Effect, Loss Aversion, Endowment Effect, Status-Quo Bias, Scarcity, Optimism Bias, Need for Closure, Set Completion, Curiosity, Role Playing, Competition, Isolation Effect, Tunneling, Reduction, Anchoring, Conceptual Metaphor, Recognition over Recall, Pattern Recognition, Limited Choice, Serial Positioning Effect, Chunking, Sequencing, Framing, Value Attribution, Feedback Loops, Kairos, Trigger, Simulation, Tailoring, Self-Monitoring, Periodic Events, Appropriate Challenges, Storytelling, Intentional Gaps, Rewards, Peak-End Rule, Completion, Powers, Prolonged Play, Unlock Features, Status, Levels, Self-Expression, Achievements, and Delighters

The rumor on the street

“The cards were a valuable and useful brainstorming tool that allowed us to come up with a broad spectrum of ideas on how to give people incentive to act the way you hope for.”

“I redesigned a sign up-form for a client using the Tunneling and Sequencing patterns. We did an A/B-test and the conversion rate improved by stunning 37%.”

“People are getting enthusiastic, you get their attention immediately and they are actively involved in sorting out how to apply a certain pattern.”